Explosive device rattles neighbours

Detectives warn of unstable consequences

Rhyll McCormack

A HOMEMADE explosive device was detonated outside an Early Street unit last week, with the Alexandra Crime Investigation Unit attending the scene the following day.

Police, CFA and nearby residents rushed to the scene when a loud bang was heard at around 3.40am on February 16 (last Thursday), but fortunately no was injured and no property destroyed.

The device, which is thought to be made of materials that are readily attainable, was lit through a fuse – though no flame was observed at the time.

“Any such device has the potential to do significant damage and harm when detonated,” Detective Leading Senior Constable Simon Cusack, of the Alexandra Crime Investigation Unit, said.

“Depending on the composition, it is also very dangerous to construct a device such as this as it can be unstable.

“It is possible that the person responsible for this did not fully appreciate the consequences or the potential dangers in constructing the device.”


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