No ‘law and order crisis’, says top cop

INSPECTOR CALLS FOR CALM: Inspector at Benalla, Troy Hargadon, says a more circumspect approach needs to be taken when considering the crime statistics.

INSPECTOR Troy Hargadon of Benalla PSA has refuted claims there is a crime wave, or law and order crisis, in the Mansfield Shire.

Insp Hargadon, Local Area Commander for Mansfield, said he believed the police have the crime situation under control.

“I have every confidence that as an organisation and as local police, we are more than capable of servicing the community and addressing any issues that are arising in relation to crime or public order,” Insp Hargadon has told the Mansfield Courier.

“Whilst I accept that there has been rises in some crime categories, we are aware of what the drivers of these crimes are, and we are putting strategies in place to address the crime.”

But according to local state MP Cindy McLeish (MLA, Eildon), Mansfield is now in the throes of a “law and order crisis” and is suffering under the wake of a “crime tsunami” after statistics revealed criminal activity had risen 42.5 per cent in Mansfield in 2016.

Inherent in the term “law and order crisis” is the idea that a police force cannot carry out its duty and keep the community adequately safe, but Insp Hargadon says – despite what the crime statistics indicate – the police force is positioned as well as it has been in some time to do good police work and keep the community safe.


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